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Sunday, 04 March 2018 15:59


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Do not pervert justice or show partiality…” (Deuteronomy 16:19, the Holy Bible).


PAGBILAO, QUEZON HAS NO POWER TO STOP THE OPERATION OF AN ELECTRIC COMPANY: Do the authorities of the town of Pagbilao, in the province of Quezon, have any right to stop the operations of a power company whose plant that is producing electricity is located in its territorial jurisdiction, just because the company is refusing to sign a contract requiring it to undertake various activities as part of its “corporate social responsibility”?

No, the local government unit and its officials do not have any such right to stop the operations of the electric company based on that reason alone, according to Lucena City Regional Trial Court Judge Romeo S. Buenaventura.

In arriving at that conclusion, Judge Buenaventura subsequently issued an order on Friday, March 02, 2018, extending a temporary restraining order against Pagbilao, Quezos earlier decision to stop the power company from continuing the operation of its plant in the place.


POWER SUPPLY MAY FALL IN LUZON BECAUSE OF THE ORDERS OF PAGBILAO, QUEZON: In the exchange of arguments between the lawyers of the power company and of the province of Quezon (who also acted as the lawyers of Pagbilao town) at the sala of Judge Buenaventura, it was disclosed, upon his searching questioning, that there is actually no law that authorizes a local government unit to stop the operations of a power company if the reason is its refusal to sign a contract mandating it to pursue its “corporate social responsibility”.

It also appeared during the hearing (I was there in my capacity as the lawyer of some residents of Sariaya, Quezon whose right to quarry a 10-hectare parcel of land belonging to them was being usurped by a company from Metro Manila) that if the company’s Pagbilao plant would be stopped from producing electricity, the power supply for the whole of Luzon would suffer, and may cause widespread brownouts.


89TH DAY OF NOVENA FOR THE PUNISHMENT OF THOSE WHO PROFITTED FROM DENGVAXIA:  From my kid brother, lawyer Leny Mauricio, in his latest Facebook post (March 02, 2018) about the proposal of the Commission on Human Rights to investigate cases of persons killed by the police while the deceased were allegedly fighting off their arrests: “For as long as an issue is against (President) Duterte, the morons from the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines lose no time in launching biting criticisms and character assassination.

“Insofar as the issue of Dengvaxia, however, these morons have become deaf, dumb, and blind, simply because AbNoy and his yellowlifes are the ones involved. Well, there is no need to worry, friends, because they are included in my novena…” Leny’s novena: “It is the 89th day of the Novena asking God to already take away from this world those involved in the Dengue vaccine anomaly. #sanamamataynakayo…”


BEES ARE BECOMING EXTINCT: Because of this, Ipe said, mankind should now move to protect the bees around us, because of their role, given by God, in the pollination process which is necessary for the production of food. Well, Classmate Ipe, your prognostications will come true, because famine is one of the signs of the coming end of the world. May Jesus, our God and Savior, have mercy on us!


ATTY. LOZANO STRIKES AGAIN: Well, what can I say. Lawyer Oliver Lozano has done it again. But he need not bother the Supreme Court anymore with his petition asking the court to invalidate the appointment of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Aranal Sereno.The Supreme Court is now in the process of doing this. If Lozano insists on interfering on this matter, it may yet throw what the court is doing in shambles.