Celso lauds ZATERS; seeks more support to promo drive PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:54

Mayor Celso Lobregat on Saturday recognized the efforts of the year-old Zamboanga Adventure Tourism and Recreation Society or ZATERS in promoting the city’s natural attractions as he expressed hope that other sectors would also support and cooperate in the campaign to bring about the good, the beautiful and the best of Zamboanga.

In a message during the 1st anniversary celebration of ZATERS held at the Paseo del Mar, August 27, Mayor Lobregat said the group’s initiatives and discoveries created
a stir of interest among adventurers and ecotourism enthusiasts to also discover and experience the thrill of the outdoors.

Since its creation a year ago, the ZATERS, headed by Ludy Selorio of the Department of Tourism-9, has taken daring steps and shared time and effort to help in the city’s promotion campaign. The group’s escapades, which were also placed on exhibit at the Paseo are also posted in some blogs in the internet as well as social networking and video streaming sites.

“With these, I could say that you have accomplished a significant milestone as an organization as far as promoting our City is concerned”, the mayor emphasized amid applause from ZATERS members and supporters.

But as he recognized the contributions of the ZATERS to the promotion of Zamboanga as a tourist destination, the mayor lamented that some sectors succumb to insensible pessimism rendering all good efforts useless and futile. “That remains to be a very sad reality. The sadder part of it is that it is so hard to build a momentum and promote and yet with one insensitive move, the months and years of build-up will end up worthless”.

Admittedly, he said, Zamboanga has its share of problems but similar challenges do happen in other cities and countries and even in the most powerful country , the USA. Despite the misfortunes these cities and countries are able to rise up from the tribulations for they do not dwell on the negative aspects.

“As always, we should lay emphasis on the good, the beautiful and the positive about Zamboanga and emphasize on strengthening the values of life that unites us rather than those that divide us”, the said stressing that this “should always be the core of our mission and vision to attract not only foreign and domestic tourists but investors as well”.

The ZATERS prepared a series of activities that included a photo exhibit, raffle prizes and other surprises. Also present during the affair were Tourism Regional Director Maryjune Bugante and Councilor Rogelio Valesco Jr. and many others. — Sheila Covarrubias