19 arrested in Pasonanca “perya” PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 March 2018 12:53


Nineteen (19) persons were arrested after authorities raided a perya (local fair) with an expired permit in Barangay Pasonanca last Saturday.

Sta. Maria Police Station personnel swooped down on the perya and held nineteen persons for allegedly engaging in illegal gambling.

They were identified as Julie Acain Olivar, 31, married, of Ayala, (Operator); Charlito Daganasol Pabriga, 38, married of Sta. Catalina; Edward Acain Casilang, 49,  married, of Ayala, (Banker); Andres Bustillo Paluray Jr., 24, single, of Presa Mayor, Tumaga; Ronald Avanzado Aurea, 30, single of Toriven Drive, Pasonanca; Charlie Malaguit Patrimonio, 47, separated of Mango Drive, Sinunuc; Mary Lorraine Santos Gregorio, 28, single of Lacasteville, Pasonanca; Joseph Christopher Inguig Araquin, 36, single of Lacunera Compound, Tuamaga; Alfer Francisco Castromayor, 29, married, of Motorpool, Pasonanca; Allen Lumiyap Tubog, 21, single of Ilmo Drive, Pasonanca; Ferrilyn Sontillanosa Alama, 27, single of Toribio Drive, Pasonanca; Danica Jarque Infante, 21, single of Ilmo Drive, Pasonanca; Jennifer Jone Avanzado Aurea, 20, single, Toribio Drive, Pasonanca; Jomarie Timbungan Palama, 19, single of Ilmo Drive, Pasonanca; Jomar Enggo Lumiyap, 20, single of Fernandez Drive, Pasonanca;  Rolando Atilano Estraver, 45, married, of Pasonanca; Sandra Guevara Atilano, 49, married of Km. 5, Pasonanca; Ricky Sulague Torres, 25, single of Poste Drive, Pasonanca  and Rosa Avanzado Aurea, 52, widow of Toriven, Pasonanca.

Police said that they were caught playing the 3-Ball and Bullet-C games in violation of Republic Act 9287, an act amending Presidential Decree 1602.

Police confiscated four pieces of 3-ball game, betting tarpaulin, three white ping pong balls, one piece bullet C betting tarpaulin, one gallon panadero brand vanilla containing forty seven Bullet C Cards, one piece “ligot” betting tarpaulin, ) Mayor’s permit registered under the name of Julie Acain Olvinar with validity until January 10, 2018 and two boxes with a green key containing money with the following denominations:  eleven pieces of  P20, six pieces P50, eight pieces of P100, two pieces of P500, forty pieces five peso coins, three pieces of ten peso coins and three hundred sixty pieces one peso coins with the total amounting to P2,910. (Dan Toribio)