Aquino orders crafting of national security strategy for 2010-2016 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 31 October 2010 17:39

President Benigno S. Aquino III has ordered the crafting of a national security policy (NSP) and national security strategy (NSS) for 2010-2016 to guide all national security efforts on both public and private sectors towards the attainment of national security goals and objectives.

In issuing Memorandum Order No. 6, the President cited the need to translate the vision of the Aquino administration towards a more secure and progressive Filipino nation.

He said there is a need to ensure that the country’s national security policy and strategy for 2010-2016 is responsive and complementary to the country’s development goals and objectives.

The President tasked the National Security Adviser and the National Security Council Director General to spearhead the formulation of the NSP and NSS for 2010-2016 to coordinate with all concerned departments, agencies and instrumentalities of the government including government owned and controlled corporations and regional offices.

The NSP, according to him, must focus on governance, delivery of basic services, economic reconstruction and sustainable development, and security sector reform.

The NSP must be submitted to the National Security Cabinet group for coordination and integration at the national and regional levels and subsequently to the cabinet on or before November 30 this year and the NSS on or before April 30 next year.

All department agencies and GOCCs shall consider the said documents for their respective plans and programs with national security dimension and draw inputs from their regional offices considering development strategies and local security needs.

To make the security agenda complimentary to their development objectives, all agencies, government corporations and their regional development bodies shall henceforth prepare and formulate their respective security-related programs closely linked to their development plans.

"All sectors of society, both government and nongovernment, are enjoined to participate in these national endeavors in order to arrive at a national consensus on our development objectives and national security priorities,” the President said.

The NSA/NSC-Director General shall issue guidelines necessary to ensure effective compliance of this directive.