1 killed in B-day bash bloodshed Print
Thursday, 08 March 2018 13:41


A simple misunderstanding during a birthday revelry ended-up in a deadly confrontation when a 40-year-old visitor stabbed and killed his drinking pal in Sitio Baluno, Bunguiao last Tuesday.

The fatality was identified as Marcelino Pajarito y Glova, 52, married while the suspect was Amilio Araneta y Atilano, 40, single.  Both are residents of Bunguiao.

Pajarito and Araneta, who were both guests at the birthday party of Cesar Aquino, were drinking intoxicating liquor prior to the incident.

After consuming bottles of beer, Pajarito and Araneta figured in a heated argument, prompting Araneta to storm off in a rage.

While Pajarito was walking towards his home later that evening, Araneta appeared and stabbed the former several times.

Pajarito sustained five stab wounds in the body and died on the spot.

Araneta escaped after the incident. Police are still conducting pursuit operations for the arrest of the suspect.  (Dan Toribio)