FDA: Zambo entry point for unregistered goods PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 March 2018 16:43

By RG Antonet Go

Zamboanga City is being used as an entry point for unregistered food, drugs and cosmetics which are currently sold in the local market, according to an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) official.

Atty. Emilio L. Polig, Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director General, said that most of these goods come from Malaysia and Indonesia and enter the local market through the seaport.

Polig identiifed one of the products as the Sehat Badan which is reportedly not registered with the FDA.

Sehat Badan is an herbal drink which “promotes and enhances general well-being and treats various diseases” such as asthma, urinary stones, allergy, impotence, rheumatism, toothache and ulcer.

Polig said that these claims were not approved by the FDA as the product has not been registered.

Another product identified by Polig is the Buah Merah mix which reportedly has unfounded claims on its promotional ads.

Polig said that there are more products listed in the FDA website and has invited the public to visit their site to know which products are FDA-registered.

He said that it is acceptable for products to come in as long as the importer is licensed and the product is registered with the FDA.

Violators face criminal and administrative charges once caught.

FDA inspectors conduct the monitoring, collection of samples and conduct testing of products in Manila.

The Deputy Director General is asking for the cooperation of consumers and other government agencies to ensure that all food, drugs, cosmetics and medicinal products are approved for public consumption.  (RGAAGo)