(Possessed?) 6 students act wild, 11 slash wrists Print
Friday, 16 March 2018 13:18


Students acted in a strange manner all at the same time while eleven others tried to slash their wrists at a public elementary school last week.

A school teacher, who refused to be identified, said that the students may have been possessed by bad spirits based on their peculiar behavior.

The strange happenings have been happening since last Friday.

Six female Grade 6 students reportedly acted in a “wild” manner and claimed that bad spirits were telling them to kill one of their classmates.

While this was happening, eleven Grade 5 pupils, composed of ten boys and a girl, tried to slash their wrists using broken ballpen caps.

The children failed to explain who or what directed them to harm themselves.

The incident is only one among several strange happenings reported at the school.

Sources said that the students suspected of having been possessed by evil spirits are all occupying a building where a construction worker fell to his death from the third floor.  (Dan Toribio)