Coalition vows 2019 powerhouse line-up Print
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 16:57

By Bhong Simbajon

Three major political parties in the city formally entered into a coalition in preparation for the 2019 local elections.

Offiicals of the three parties, PDP, LDP and Nacionalista, gathered last Sunday at the residence of Congressman Celso Lobregat when the latter announced his appointment as PDP city chairman for Zamboanga City.

Lobregat was seated at the table together with LDP and PDP councilors, Naconalista party Chairperson Lilia Nuño and former councilor Mel Sadain, a long time PDP member who welcomed Lobregat to the party.

Sadain expressed confidence that the candidates to be fielded by the coalition will be strong contenders for local positions in 2019.

“Before I was a lone ranger in the PDP Party because my partymates abandoned me at the height of the campaign period and they joined Liberal, but I pursued my candidacy till the very end. But now, I am lucky to be in this coalition and ruling administration party of President Duterte,” Sadain said.

The veteran lawyer and alderman said that the group of Congressman Lobregat where he belongs now is a mere manifestation of what a strong political alliance is, having the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP), Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino (PDP), Nacionalista Party and even some Liberal Party members who also signified interest and sent feelers to join the group. (Bhong Simbajon/ RMN News)