(Sta Maria crime watch:)Girl robbed, stabbed 21 times Print
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 16:58


A 17-year-old girl miraculously survived after being robbed and repeatedly stabbed inside the Sta. Maria Cemetery last Sunday.

Jasli Saure y Banagudos, 17 years old, a resident of Sta. Maria was  left for dead by her assailant after he stabbed her 21 times inside the cemetery.

Initial investigation showed that Saure was visiting the tomb of her late father when an unidentified man appeared and stabbed her repeatedly.

The robber then took her bag containing a cell phone and personal belongings and took off with the loot.

The suspect managed to get out of the cemetery to seek for assistance and was taken to the hospital.

The incident was reported to the Sta. Maria police station for investigation.

Police invited person’s of interest in the area for possible identification by the victim.  (Dan Toribio)