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Monday, 26 March 2018 15:56


BY Betty A. Elago

The Holy Rosary depicts the life of our Lord Jesus Christ when he was here on earth a thousand years ago! Praying the holy rosary, they say it’s a sort of a penitence. We have four mysteries - The Joyful Mystery, The Sorrowful Mystery, The Glorious Mystery, and the Light mystery.

For a time, when I left Pilar College, I stopped praying the rosary. Perhaps, I was sort of fed up, because thru out my three years in Pilar College, we prayed the rosary all the time, we had mass often, and in addition, my parents changed religion. However, when I got married, I went back to my Roman Catholic religion, and started to pray the Rosary again. I don’t know if you feel the same way after praying the rosary, because I feel an enlightenment. When I can’t sleep at night, I get my rosary and pray, and sometimes, it takes around three mysteries before I fall asleep, and sleep I do, even without taking a sleeping tablet!

Today is Sunday, the start of the Holy week. In celebration of Holy Week, members of the Catholic Church have an obligation to make sacrifices and do penitence for the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save us from our sins .Thru out the Holy Week, we Catholics are supposed to avoid eating meat as a form of sacrifice every Friday!  We call this fasting, not only from meat but also abstaining from other things that we enjoy doing as a form of sacrifice! However, there is an exemption, senior citizens are exempted. On Holy Thursday, all churches will be filled with people visiting churches (Visita Iglesia), which is customarily done. Mt, Abongabong too, will be very busy, as people who would like to make the 14 Stations of the Cross will be crowding the place. Rest assured, our beloved City will be well secured! Marne soldiers and policemen will be visible all over to discourage terrorists from creating havoc in our beloved City!

I wish you all a peaceful Holy Week and pray to our Lord and Saviour to keep us all safe from all dangers that may come our way!