Betrayal of Judas PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 April 2018 13:52


Since the lent of season is over, let us summarize the betrayal of Judas to our Lord Jesus Christ, and at the same time, expound it in our everyday lives, because we are aware that a simple kiss of Judas led to the death of our LORD, betraying him treacherously!

In our daily lives, we greet friends and relatives with a peck on their cheeks because we are happy to see them, or because we greet them on special occasions. In our Chavacano dialect, we call this as ‘beso-beso’. However, it can also be called as ‘beso de Judas’! Not all who kiss you on the cheeks are your friends, because some are hypocrites, pretending to be happy in seeing you, but at your back, they’re doing things treacherously! I guess some of you had become victims of this! But don’t worry because we have God who are watching over us, and He won’t allow anything devilish works to succeed against us.

Judas Iscariot was one of the apostles of Jesus, and yet, he betrayed him for 15 pieces of silver! This is the reason why we always say anything that has the number of 13, is bad luck! However, Judas’s conscience bothered him. His guilt led him to hang himself on a tree! I think that maybe in the end, he must have asked forgiveness from Jesus, and Jesus must have forgiven him too! The question here arises….Was Judas pre destined to betray Lord Jesus, because God is all knowing and he knows everything about us, or had he created us and gave us our own free will to do what we want in life? As I said before, if our faith in God is strong, we ask no questions, we accept whatever the Holy Bible has taught us!