SandiganBayan case vs Furigay dismissed PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 September 2011 15:31

The Fourth Division of the SandiganBayan has acquitted Lamitan City Mayor Roderick Furigay of charges filed by two fictitious individuals for allegedly giving unwarranted benefit and undue advantage to  or a violation of Section 3 (e) of Republic Act 3019 involving the amount of P19, 500 as payment to the services rendered by former Isabela City Mayor Oswaldo Pioquinto when his expertise was hired by Furigay to upgraded the revenue code of the then Lamitan Municipality.

Aside from Furigay, the two other accused— Lamitan City Budget Officer Wilma Omlero and City Accountant Marvin delos Reyes were also acquitted for similar case.
Atty. Quirino Esguerra, Jr, a Zamboangueño lawyer who stood as chief legal counsel of Furigay said the decision came out last August 31, 2011 acquitting Furigay Omlero and Delos Reyes thereby putting the case to rest and no motion from the fictitious complainants will be entertained anymore.

In a 57-page decision, Esguerra said in an interview over Tatak-RMN Zamboanga, the SandiganBayan found Furigay’s action as in good faith contrary to the complaint that the transaction made by Furigay with Pioquinto was an anomalous one.

In defense of Furigay’s noble intention, Esguerra said the graft court was fully convinced of their presentation of facts that indeed, the transaction led to the development of Lamitan City.

When Furigay was first elected into office, he hired the expertise of former Isabela City Mayor Pioquinto to review and possibly update the revenue code of Lamitan City. The amount of 19, 500 has been paid by Lamitan City government to Pioquinto’s services.

Pioquinto’s brilliant recommendation, Esguerra said, was accepted by the local government that resulted in the increase of their revenue collection which led to the development of Lamitan until its status was converted into a chartered city of Basilan.

In a separate mobile phone interview, Furigay claimed that the complaint filed against him by two fictitious individuals of Lamitan was politically motivated with the main intention of destroying his credibility and to discredit his administration.

“They can never put a good man down,” Furigay said as he expressed elation after justice has been served to him in a case which he described as loaded with vested and personal interest.

With this development, Furigay said he can now concentrate on his job in further introducing development to Lamitan using the meager budget they have and grants given to them by foreign countries. — Jimmy Villaflores