Once again Erbie Print
Thursday, 05 April 2018 11:53


He broke the hearts of many girls when he declared that he’s leaving bachelorhood to marry his high school crush and first love, Dinggay Vilanueva. He was then serving his first term Congressman representing the lone district of Zamboanga City. This time, he again broke the hearts of many constituents and their aspirations for a better city and the guaranteed delivery of social services when he declared that he’s through with politics and won’t be running for any elective public office.

Erbie Fabian saw and experienced dirty politics and the electoral cheatings and decided that it’s better to remain simply an ordinary citizen and prepare himself and his wife towards the sunset of their lives. But as they say, politics is an opium. Once you taste it, you’ll keep coming back for more. More so, in his case, service to his constituents has developed into an obligation that he cannot remain insensitive to their needs by being a fence sitter.

Erbie is a through and through and an accomplished politician. He was elected for three consecutive terms as a City Councilor, elected as Vice-Mayor, and succeeded our beloved late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat as City Mayor upon her death. Thereafter, he ran for Congress and was elected for three consecutive terms, by first representing the lone district of the city and later the 1st district of the city.

Being formerly a media man, Erbie has been exposed to the many problems affecting the city and the needs of those marginalized members of the society. It was when he was a Congressman that he undertook many projects. With the allotted congressional fund—the PDAF, he built farm-to-market roads, overpasses, rip rapped the banks of rivers, donated ambulances to barangays and the Red Cross, distributed millions worth of medicines, fertilizers, and computers. He likewise initiated his sports development program like the summer sports training which consists of 18 sports disciplines, the Golpe-Golpe na Barangay which was intended to discover and develop young boxers for national competitions and to keep the young kids away from illegal drugs. Indeed, we have produced a national champion in the person of Eumir Marcial. He also promoted professional boxing which produced national champions like Eric Canoy and Marvin Mabait. He also conducted the annual Tour de Fabian, a summer bikathon spectacle participated in by numerous biking clubs of the city and other neighboring cities. He sponsored scholarships for bright and promising students and gave them awards and recognitions. Many of these projects were undertaken with his own personal money supplementing his congressional fund which was mainly intended for infrastructure projects.

We cannot anymore see any of these developmental projects being undertaken by those in power. Perhaps they are busy filling their pockets in preparation for the coming election.

Now, many respected leaders and personalities are urging Erbie to reconsider his decision and run in next year’s election. But he remains adamant to all of these timely pleas.

Having been deeply immersed, exposed, and used to in serving the people, many are still hopeful that Erbie will reconsider and eventually run for an elected position in next year’s election.

As the Jaycees would say, “Service to humanity is the best work in life.”  It has no limit. It has no end.