Zambo City-Zambo Norte boundary row ignites anew PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 September 2011 15:33

The boundary dispute between Zamboanga City and Zamboanga del Norte is far from over.
Councilor Gerky Valesco, who visited Limpapa recently, was shocked and upset to see a huge tarpaulin at the far end of a steel bridge which reads “Welcome to barangay Limpapa, Zamboanga del Norte.”

Valesco said the tarpaulin shows that Zamboanga del Norte officials are still claiming Limpapa as part of their province.
Limpapa is the Zamboanga City’s last barangay that borders with Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte.

Valesco in yesterday’s City Council session called on city officials to look into the situation and assert the city’s territorial claim of Limpapa.
He stressed that Barangay Limpapa is one of the city’s 98 barangays because residents in the area are recipients of social services, medical assistance, Philhealth cards, schools and health centers.

For this reason Councilor Jimmy Cabato authored a resolution calling Congresswoman Isabelle Climaco to resolve and define the territorial boundary dispute of the city and Zamboanga del Norte in the House of Representatives.

According to Valesco, former president Cory Aquino issued P.D. 76 which decided a portion of Limpapa to Zamboanga del Norte and another portion to Zamboanga City.

Valesco suggested the pulling down of the tarpaulin to assert the city’s territorial claim of the community.
Councilor Reinerio Candido took a motion asking that both parties should refrain from putting tarpaulins or other signboards to prevent animosity between the two

sides. But he later withdrew his motion until after an executive meeting to resolve the issue.

Councilor Jawo Jimenez similarly called no to pull down the tarpaulin for fear of repercussions in the future.
Councilor Noning Biel disclosed that the steel bridge was constructed through funds of Zamboanga del Norte.
Councilor Abdurahman Nuño asked: “Why didn’t we object in the first place when the construction of the steel bridge was going on?”

However, Councilor Mel Sadain countered that the funds came from the Department of Public Works and Highways and not from Zamboanga del Norte.
Cabato’s resolution, although approved, was laid down on the table until after the meeting with Mayor Celso Lobregat regarding the boundary dispute.

The boundary dispute between Zamboanga City and Zamboanga del Norte has been in existence for several decades now. The Zamboanga del Norte government is claiming part of Limpapa and demands that the residents pay their taxes and transact business with the provincial government.

The local government of Zamboanga has established schools, health centers and other government facilities for the benefit of the residents in Limpapa.

Limpapa residents ever since, have expressed preference to be part of Zamboanga City and not of Zamboanga del Norte citing the many projects implemented by the city government thereat. — NS