Lamitan coco farmers shift to cacao planting PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 April 2018 16:33


Coconut farmers in Lamitan City are now shifting to planting other agricultural products after being affected by the Cocolisap outbreak.

At least eighty percent (80%) of Lamitan farmers has been affected by scale insect infestation or Cocolisap.

Lamitan Mayor Rose U. Furigay said that the city government is assisting farmers by providing them with seedlings so they can shift to other products.

Farmers are also cutting coconut trees so that they can use the trunks for lumber.

“Mucho ta anda na Lamitan City ta compra maga palo del coconut trees affected by Cocolisap.  Maga ta compra de otro lugar ta carga na big trucks para man travel na barko para Zamboanga City,”  said Furigay.

Furigay said that they are distributing good cacao seedlings to Lamitan farmers to make their products more competitive in the world market.

Nearly 3,000 coconut farmers in Lamitan city have been affected by scale insect infestation.  (RGAAGo)