Zamcelco worker shot in Cabatangan Print
Monday, 09 April 2018 13:36

An electric cooperative worker survived a gun attack by an unknown assailant  in barangay Cabatangan at dawn yesterday.

The victim was identified as Kenneth Ganza y Namoc, 27, single, a resident of Suterville and a technical support personnel of the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco).

Ganza sustained three bullet wounds in his chest and shoulder and was taken to a private hospital for treatment.

At around 1am yesterday, Ganza was driving his motorcycle together with his backrider, 24-year old Jal Adjalain, towards Cabatangan to assist a friend of the latter.

Upon nearing the area, Adjalain asked Ganza to stop the motorcycle so the latter can attend to a personal matter.

While Ganza was waiting for Adjalain, one of two men riding on another motorcycle fired at the former.

Police recovered slugs of .22 caliber at the crime scene.

Police are still investigating the case for the possible arrest of the suspects. (Dan Toribio)