Woman leaves 87-year old to die inside motel Print
Monday, 09 April 2018 13:37


An 87-year old man fell unconscious and later died after reportedly engaging in a sexual act with a still unidentified woman in a motel along Canelar Moret last Saturday.

Police are now looking for the woman who escaped hours before motel workers found the man lying unconscious with a sexual stimulant inside the room.

Police described the man as married and a resident of Tetuan.

The victim was discovered unconscious inside a room of the Bulls Eye Motel at around 7pm last Saturday.

Investigation showed that the man entered the motel with a female companion at around 4pm and went straight to one of the motel rooms.

An hour later, workers saw the woman going out of the motel, leaving her partner inside.

At around 7pm,  a room boy identified as Arvin Reyes Balde checked the room and was startled to see the man lying unconscious.

The victim was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance while other workers reported the matter to the police.

Police later found a cylinder bearing a sexual stimulant inside the victim’s left pocket.

The cadaver was brought to a funeral parlor for post mortem examination.

Police are continuing operations to identify the woman.  (Dan Toribio)