61 persons exposed to poison in 2017 Print
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 13:04

By RG Antonet Go

A total of 61 persons have been exposed to poison in 2017, based on data from the Zamboanga City Medical Center Poison Center.

Of this figure, 43 were reportedly adults while the rest are children.  Three patients died from poison ingestion.

Cases of poisoning include incidents related to snake bites, pesticide ingestion, kerosene ingestion, jelly fish sting, centipede sting, herbicide ingestion,  ferrous sulfate ingestion and others.

Dr. Aeesha Yahcob Pingli, Zamboanga City Medical Center Clinical Toxologist, said that the figures include accidental and intentional poisoning.

Pingli advised the public to poison proof their homes and make sure that all poisonous substances be accounted for, checked, locked and kept away from children’s reach.

Poisonous materials and substances in containers must also be labeled properly.

She also advised the public not to re-use or recycle containers with poisonous substances.

In case of poisoning, the victim should not be given oil, coconut milk, and water, remedies which are commonly resorted to.

Pingli said that the victim should be rushed to the nearest hospital for medical treatment and possibly bring a sample of the poisonous substance to assist the doctor in providing treatment.

“Time is very important to prevent further complications,” said Pingli.  (RGAAGo)