Pa kills, buries daughter in Kasanyangan Print
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 13:06


A man stabbed then buried his two-year old daughter in what is believed to be a drug-related killing in barangay Kasanyangan last Sunday.

Zamboanga City Police Investigator PO3 Sarwinda Sahibaddin identified the suspect as 50-year old Gapor Alkasahaya y Yusop.

Sahibaddin said that Alkasahaya took his daughter from the latter’s mother at the Masepla 3 resettlement site in Mampang Sunday morning.

The suspect brought the child later that day to a mangrove area where he stabbed her twice in the neck, killing her.

Sensing that his daughter was already dead, the suspect then buried her at a muddy portion of the mangrove site located at Bakawan, Hanapi Drive, Barangay Kasanyangan.

The child’s mother herself confirmed that her husband had been high on drugs that Sunday afternoon.

Zamboanga City Police Station 6 personnel conducted a follow-up operation to hold the suspect into custody but the latter resisted arrest and went after the police with a bladed weapon.

Police fired at their attacker, hitting the latter  and resulting to minor injuries on the forehead and on the thigh.

The suspect was brought to the Zamboanga City Medical Center where he was treated for injuries.

The two-year old victim’s body was brought to the family residence and later buried in accordance with Islamic rites.

The suspect is now facing charges of Parricide.  (Ely Dumaboc)