Council okays Intel funds for barangay captains Print
Thursday, 12 April 2018 15:48

By RG Antonet Go

The City Council passed a resolution during its regular session last Tuesday to provide Inteligence funds for the barangay.

The resolution calls for the appropriation of an undetermined amount of money for the use of barangay captains.

“Perhaps for a Punong Barangay to be more effective in his campaign against the prevention of criminality in his or her area is to provide him with necessary funding by way of Intelligence funds,” said Councilor Cesar Jimenez.

The resolution was passed unanimously by the City Council.Jimenez said that the funds can be helpful in gathering information on criminals.

The campaign against criminality starts in the barangay level, Jimenez said.

Meanwhile, Baliwasan Barangay Captain Aimee Cabato expressed approval on the resolution of the City Council while describing it as a welcome development.

Cabato said that she intends to use the money to hire Intelligence personnel to inform her about suspicious characters in the barangay.  (RGAAGo)