All Saints Day, All Souls Day a celebration of life, says Jesuit priest in Cuentas Claras PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 31 October 2010 17:46

The Filipino’s celebration of All Saints and All Souls Day is a communion of the living and the dead in remembrance of life.
This, in essence, is a communion of saints, Fr. Willie Samson of the Society of Jesus told during the Cuentas Claras Program aired last Saturday with Host Cong. Erbie A.  Fabian.

Fr. Willy clarified that the continued observance of all Souls and All Saints day is truly a celebration of life, notwithstanding the fact we continue and happily observe both holidays incorrectly.

Fr. Willy pointed out that Nov. 1 is all Saints day while Nov. 2 is All Souls day where we should be paying our respects to our departed loved ones.

The happy mishap has endured through the years and the Jesuit priest sees this as truly a celebration of life and a communion of saints.

A celebration of life, because the days offer us all a chance to come together and spend time with our departed loved ones and a communion of saints because we bring ourselves in.

Fr. Willy during the program said this is a good thing which highlights Filipinos for being family centered as we commune with departed family members.

A celebration of life because we remember the departed for once they were living and part of our lives in the past.

It being calendared as a holiday means the Catholic Church deems it important as a day of remembrance and prayers for the salvation of souls, those who went ahead to the next life.

More than this, it is a celebration of life because, our departed as we believe are now in the afterlife with God, living eternally.

For his part, Congressman Fabian during the program urged the Christian faithful to continue with the age old tradition of observing All Souls and All Saints Day.

Fabian reminded everyone of remembering the departed ones in a day of prayer and reflection.

Fr. Samson, the featured guest of the show, is the formation officer of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

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