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Saturday, 03 September 2011 17:24

The President’s screening committee members should be discerning and not to decide appointing politicos as ARMM Officers-in-Charge, A civil society group official urged.

The People’s Reform Onward-Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (PRO-ARMM) has appealed to President Noynoy Aquino to keep his principled and serious commitment to reform the autonomous region.

‘We believe in the wisdom of the president and we have rested our trust and confidence on him in our common desire to institute the needed reform which has long been neglected,” PRO-ARMM Chairman Abdulbasit Jauhari said during an interview last Thursday.

He enjoined all sectors to support the president’s view in realizing such noble objectives and not to become a hindrance to the effort.
Chairman Jauhari, particularly, was referring to ‘’recycled ex-politicos”, and ‘’trapos” and wannabes identified with political clans for appointment by the president to become officers -in-charge (OICs) to briefly  take over the administration of the autonomous government until 2013 before the holding of the elections.

“I appeal to the incumbents, ex-pols and traditional politicians not to influence or distort the essence of why the president supported the postponement of the elections in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao,”said Jauhari, who is a businessman and a student of  Doctor of Public Administration He charged that there are those who wanted to undermine the ongoing search for OICs and are trying to derail its process.

True to his words, the president is sincere to make change happen in the ARMM. The president’s designated Search and Screening Committee composed of the National Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Secretary of the Department of National Defense, the Presidential Political Adviser, a Civil Society representative and an LGU representative.  “In order for the reform to be realized let those who have been ‘’tried and tested”  but failed to implant the needed reform, for them to wait until 2013 elections wherein by that time the voters can freely choose without fear or favor their leaders and decide for their fate. It is only by reforming through strengthening the systems and processes and choosing the right and deserving the leaders for ARMM that the true sentiments of its constituents can be best served,” Jauhari said   

‘’We all know what they are made of and are good at, so that we cannot anymore entrust them the future of the ARMM even as we warn the national government to be cautious of those people who are trying to lord it over the region and impose their brand of politics,”  the PRO-ARMM chief stressed.

“Let us, therefore, give the president the leeway, all the chance to make a change for the ARMM in both its development goals and governance,” Jauhari, an expert and licensed agriculturist and agribusiness from University of The Philippines at Los Banos, said.

‘’If these same ‘’leaders’ are appointed again, the purpose and desire of the president for genuine reform would be derailed and defeated. They don’t anymore have the moral ground to do that,” said Jauhari, whose nomination for regional Assemblyman in the second district of Sulu, was endorsed by the Sulu Ulama Council for Peace and Development, the Raja Mudah (Crown Prince) of the  Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam, Mindanao Anti-Torture Alliance (MATA), Alliance of Civil Society Organizations and PRO-ARMM.

The group also supports the RLA nominations of Ismael Ancheta (Tawi-Tawi);Julasmad Hadjula (Basilan); and Haj. Alehuddin Amenullah (Sulu, First District)
Meanwhile, Datu Salipada Amir-Hussin, PRO-ARMM official nominee for OIC Regional Governor of expressed the same belief that “politicians, obviously, should not anymore be given the chance if the government wants reform to take its course in the ARMM.” 

He said that Pnoy should not kowtow to the whims and caprices of these people who have not really helped ARMM develop but instead had contributed to its retrogression and stagnation.

The search committee which shall recommend to Pnoy their favored nominees must observe fair play on this regard in order we could choose the best among the best to guide the ARMM to prosperity and peace, he added.

The group appealed to ARMM stakeholders to be vigilant on the development in the region to make sure that not the ‘wrong guys’ are unnecessarily appointed as ARM caretakers.   

Among PRO-ARMM reform agenda includes, supporting the postponement of the ARMM polls and to authorize Pnoy to appoint OICs; supports the Phl-MILF peace talks; not to appoint politicians; no woman must be appointed as ARMM governor; that by virtue of the Republic Act 10153, only non-partisan individuals would qualify for nominations to the position of OIC governor and members of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the ARMM. That no member of the MNLF, MILF or other Armed  Groups shall be appointed to the position of OIC Governor  of the  ARMM pending Agreement between the Moro Rebels Group and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). — faber_concepcion2004