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Monday, 16 April 2018 16:26


Police are investigating the alleged abduction of a 17-year old girl in Corcuerra Street last Saturday by a suspect who claims to be the victim’s own mother.

Chelsea (not her real name) told police that she was walking along Corcuerra Street last Saturday afternoon when a black van stopped alongside her.

A still unidentified woman alighted from the vehicle, introduced herself to Chelsea as her real mother and invited the latter to enter the vehicle.

When Chelsea stepped inside, another person covered her mouth causing her to fall unconscious.

An hour later, Chelsea woke up to find herself inside a strange room.

The woman who initially introduced herself as Chelsea’s mother then appeared and told her,” Gising ka. Tingin ka sa akin. Ako ang nanay mo. Pilit ka lang kinuha ng tatay mo sa akin.”

MInutes after the woman’s departure from the room and upon noticing that nobody was guarding her, Chelsea crept out of the house and ran away.

The victim took a passenger jeepney to Guiwan and reported the incident to the Tetuan Police Station.

Chelsea’s family members corroborated the victim’s statement.

Chelse’a stepmother said that the victim left that morning to sell electronic load along Corcuerra Street.

At noontime, she called Chelsea and instructed her to come home but the latter insisted on staying in Corcuerra Street.

The victim’s sister meanwhile said that she received a text message from Chelsea informing her that she was abducted and brought to an unknown place.

“Ate, na-kidnap ako.  Hindi ko alam kung saan magpunta. Tulungan mo ako ‘te.”

The text message was reportedly received at 5:57pm.

Chelsea said that she was abducted at 5 p.m. while a report from the Police Station said that the victim was last spotted in the area at 3pm.

Police are still investigating the reported abduction incident.  (Dan Toribio)