Man’s suicidal jokes turn real Print
Friday, 20 April 2018 12:03

A man’s jokes about his own death proved to be real after he hanged himself inside his house in Logoy Grande, Talon Talon last Wednesday.

Marvin Ituralde Pendiwata, 22, a pedicab driver, reportedly took his own life after despairing over not being able to pay his debts.

Prior to the incident, Pendiwata however was with his friends and telling jokes about committing suicide.

Unknown to his friends, Pendiwata proceeded to a store in Canelar where he bought a nylon rope, which he later used to hang himself.

His friends were shocked upon hearing that Pendiwata hanged himself to death with a rope tied to the upper portion of the family residence.

Pendiwata’s 58-year old father, Mike, found his son’s body hanging from the ceiling of their house.

Police found out that Pendiwata was depressed over the separation of his parents and in not being able to settle his debt.

Investigators failed to find signs of foul play.

The cadaver was brought to a funeral parlor for post mortem examination.  (Dan Toribio)