CHO eyes 4 business for Sanitary Code non-compliance Print
Tuesday, 24 April 2018 13:49

By RG Antonet Go

The City Health Office (CHO) has called the attention of four business establishments for allegedly not complying with the city’s Sanitary Code.

Dr. Dulce Amor Dagalea- Miravite, CHO Officer-in-Charge, said that violators are involved in the food business whose establishments are located in the city proper.

“We have issued notice of hearing to some. So that means calling them to our office so that we will discuss with them things that they have to comply in the sanitary order,” Miravite said.

She said that sanitary inspectors have intensified inspection on food establishments especially in the city proper. Once they found deficiencies in the food establishments they issue the sanitary order for them to comply.

These inspectors give the establishments  three chances to comply.  Failure to comply will result to closure.

Recall that a bakery in Zamboanga City was temporarily closed by the CHO because it was found out to have unsanitary practices.

A post on social media became viral showing a rat inside the bread container of the said bakery.

Unsanitary food may lead to health hazards such as cholera, food poisoning, and Acute Gastroenteritis. (R.G. A A. Go)