11-island Badjaos to be relocated Print
Saturday, 28 April 2018 15:00


The local government is considering to transfer some Badjao families staying in the 11-island group to mainland barangays, according to a city councilor.

District 2 Councilor Juan Climaco Elago said that the transfer is in line with the implementation of the Once Isla (Eleven Islands) Ordinance.

Elago said that the Badjaos will be relocated to  barangays mainly located in the east coast.

This is to ensure that they have access to education, clean water, security and health services, said Elago.

On the development of the island group, Elago said that the local government is envisioning the development of marine sanctuaries, fishing grounds and marine protected areas.

Four of the islands were also designated as tourism destinations.

Police and military stations will be placed in each of the four islands.

Among the facilities planned are telecommunication facilities, docking facilities, speedboats and pumpboats with life-saving equipment.  (Allen Abastillas)