Lamitan City Council to adopt Fishery Code Print
Monday, 30 April 2018 13:47

The City Council of Lamitan is set to schedule a second reading on their regular session next week for the proposed ordinance creating the Lamitan City Fishery Code of 2018 pursuant to the R.A 7160 known as the Local Government Code, R.A 10654 the Philippine Fisheries Code Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Act 86 and other pertinent laws.

Councilor Joaquin “ Boy” Puri Jr., who is the author of proposed ordinance, has disclosed that the salient features of the proposed ordinance are as follows:

All fisheries related activities in the city waters shall be utilized by city fisherfolks and their cooperatives/organizations which are listed as such in the registry of city fisherfolk .

No commercial fishing in the city waters with depth less than seven fathoms certified by the appropriate agency. Zonation of the city waters  for catching or taking Bangus/ prawn fry or fry of other species and for Fishery Grant/ Privileges will start from the mouth  of the River of Balagtasan going to east to the boundary shoreline along Tumakid and Maloong Canal., Luksumbang, Calugusan, Balas and Bato.

From Balagtasan, Batu Pari and Balas shall be coastal barangays reservation for oyster culture bed. From a point at Barangay Bato to the Lamitan Wharf areas, they will be reserved for government Bangus fry reservation.

While all applicants for aquaculture venture shall be required to submit a letter of intent to the City Council, accompanied with their master plan and project measurements. It must also be with proper endorsement thru resolution of the City Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council.

Illegal taking of aquatic products with no permit or license from the City Government and concerned agencies shall be subjected to punishment or imposition of fines, penalties including payment of damages to environment and imprisonment.

Councilor Puri said that the proposed Fishery Code for Lamitan City is very important and necessary to effectively protect and preserve the fishery resources of the entire city. Allen Abastillas