Celso helps negotiate road right-of-way problems Print
Monday, 30 April 2018 13:49


House of Representatives Committee on Public Works and Highways chairman and Congressman Celso Lobregat went out of his way to help the DPWH in talking to the affected lot owners of the road widening projects being constructed at present in the different areas in the city.

Congressman Lobregat initiated such move when he noticed during last week's coordinating conference with the DPWH and other stakeholders that the said agency is finding it hard in negotiating with the affected lot owners for the Road Right-of-Way (RROW).

The congressman asked the DPWH regional office to furnish him the list of affected lot owners who refused to give in to the negotiation being carried out for the purpose of the road widening project.

Just over the weekend, Lobregat together with DPWH field personnel and project engineers personally visited some of the identified lot owners where he convinced them to cooperate with the national government on the implementation of the road widening projects by voluntarily allowing the government to use portion of their lot properties for road right-of-way purposes.

Anyway, the national government will pay affected lot owners the portions of their lot properties that will be used for the purpose of road widening projects, Lobregat said.

Lobregat also pointed out to the affected lot owners the benefits that the road widening projects will bring to their lot properties.

Hence, with the assurance  from Cogressman Lobregat, most of the lot owners already agreed to come into terms with DPWH and to eventually give them the permit to enter and negotiate for the payment of the affected lot at the soonest possible time.

"I wanted these projects to be completed already, so i have to assist DPWH and do a hands on initiative for the project to move faster, we need the cooperation of everybody," Lobregat stressed.

Lobregat wanted to extend his heartfelt gratitude to those affected lot owners who agreed with his intervention and assistance for the completion of the road widening, which is one of the concrete solutions to traffic congestion in the city. -Dexter Yap