Hadji Mutamad Mayor yields 14 high-powered firearms Print
Thursday, 03 May 2018 12:01


Isabela City- Hadji Mutamad Mayor Jamal Mansul turned over fourteen (14) high-powered firearms to the 4th Special Forces Battalion under Joint Task Force Basilan in a simple turnover ceremony which took place at Barangay Panducan, Hadji Mutamad last Sunday.

Hadji Mutamad, locally known as Pilas group of Islands, is an island-municipality composed of ten (10) barangays located in the westernmost portion of Basilan.

Mayor Mansul said that there is no need for them to bear firearms following the demise of the Abu Sayyaf group in Basilan.

“Nagtitiwala kami na wala nang lawless dito sa amin. Hindi natin alam balang araw pero sa ngayon wala na talaga” said the mayor.

During the intensified campaign in late 2016, Hadji Mutamad contributed militiamen under the command of the 4th Special Forces Battallion to combat the Abu Sayyaf bandits in Al-Barka and Tipo-Tipo. The feat was recognized as  a  success, ridding the enemy of their strongholds and setting the tone for local government units to aggressively engage the Abus.

Now that the time is ripe for peace, Mansul said, there is no use for their firearms anymore.

“Tinuturn over ko ang mga loose fireams sa munisipyo namin dahil gusto ko talaga na maging peaceful itong munisipyo namin” the mayor notes.

According to Mansul, the municipality boasts a crime-free record since he stepped into office last 2013.

LTC Achilles Dela Cruz, Commanding Officer of the 4th Special Forces Battalion, lauds Mayor Mansul for voluntarily turning-in loose firearms in his municipality.

“This is a sign that the chief executive and the community is trusting the military and the PNP in securing the municipality” Dela Cruz notes.

“We will make sure that the peace and order situation in this island municipality will be better to the level that it will become conducive to development” Dela Cruz adds. (Richard Falcatan)