Ex-mayor, ABC President, gun-for-hire arrested in Sominot raids Print
Monday, 07 May 2018 13:38

By Dan Toribio

A former Mayor, the Association of Barangay Captains President and a hired assassin were among fifteen (15) personalities arrested by authorities during a series of raids in Sominot municipality, Zamboanga del Sur at dawn last Saturday.

The high-profile personalities were identified as Sominot former mayor Stephen Acosta y Cases, Sominot ABC President Nemecia Quimno Pepito and Arnel Pepito y Quimno, leader of the Arnel Quimno Pepito Gun-for-Hire Group.

Other suspects were identified as Garry Quimno Pepito, Edgar Quimno Pepito, Rey Sumalinog Pepito, Ruther Dela Torre Biawan, Allan Eturma Dicierdo, Anicito Culanag Andulong, Rolando Anding Ramayrat, Romeo Batac Capangpangan, Jesryl Cabijenas Romo, Lorenzo Onez Malayao, Roberto Tigtig Hasma, and Romando Dahuya Andrade.

Chief Inspector Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-9 Information Officer, said that a ten (10) minute firefight ensued when armed men fired at authorities during the implementation of search warrant at the residence of Acosta.

Authorities retaliated and thereafter subdued six of the suspects who were inside the house.

Police were able to confiscate firearms of various caliber and ammunition from the implementation of search warrants against Acosta and the other suspects.

The confiscated items from Acosta’s residence included the following:  one Colt MKN Cal.45 with SN: 132478; a colt .45 caliber pistol with SN: 100653; one Armscor Cal.45 with SN: 981930; three magazines of a .45 pistol; live ammunition for cal.45; three holsters for cal .45;  a .38 revolver; one cal.22 magnum; one live ammunition for cal.38; and ammunition for cal.22 magnum.

Meanwhile, search warrant number 5586 was also implemented against Lorenzo Oñez of Purok Josefina, Barangay Poblacion.

Authorities confiscated the following:  a 1911 A1 ACP Cal.45 with SN: 706440; one  magazine (Standard) for cal .45; two magazines (Long 10 rds) for Cal .45; one holster for cal.45 and ammunition of a cal .45 pistol.Search warrant numbers 5588-5589 implemented against Pepito and three others of Purok Josefina yielded the following:  one pistol  Cal.45; three magazines (8 rds) for cal.45 ; one magazine (10 rounds) for cal.45; ammunition for cal .45; one Pistol Colt MK IV Cal.45 with SN: 101556; one magazine (standard) for cal.45;  ammunition for cal.45; four  magazines for M16 Rifle cal 5.56; one magazine long for cal. 5.56;  ammunition for m16 rifle cal 5.56; one holster for a cal. .45; one black belt bag ; one sling bag ; one m16 rifle Elisco AR15 with tampered SN: 112233; and two magazines (short) for cal 5.56.

The confiscated items from Search Warrant Nos. 5595(18); 5594(18); 5593(18); 5592(18); and 5591(18) were:  1 unit Norinco .45 pistol with SN: 1107596d, 3 magazines for .45 pistol, 25 live ammos for .45 cal.; 1-unit colt m-16a1 with SN: 4540775, 1 magazine for M-16a1, and 30 live ammos for M-16a1 from Gary Pepito’s possession and  1 unit homemade 12-gauge shotgun and 1 unit caliber .38 revolvers. Allan Decierdo: 1 Cal 45 pistol with Serial Nr. 581472 Para Ordinance, 14 live ammos and 1 magazine assembly of cal. 45 from Edgar Pepito’s possession.

Units responsible for the arrest of the suspects are CIDG Zamboanga del Sur, 5th Special Action Battalion (PNP-SAF), Regional Mobile Force Battalion-9, Regional Intelligence Unit-9, Zamboanga del Sur PPO, Police Provincial Mobile Force Company, Regional Special Operation Group, Sominot Municipal Police Station and the 53rd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army.

The suspects were brought to the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) office in Zamboanga Del Sur for proper disposition.  (Dan Toribio)