MNLF camp demolished in Zambo Print
Tuesday, 08 May 2018 17:38

By dan toribio

Police and military personnel demolished a camp of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) last Sunday in Sitio Anuling due to major security concerns.

A police report disclosed that Sr. Insp. Albert Alfaro of the Ayala Police Station received a report about the presence of the MNLF camp in the area last Sunday morning.

Police, together with personnel from the 11th  Infantry Battalion and Task Force Zamboanga, swooped down on the area and saw the camp with the marking “Camp Ahad, Campong Anuling, Zamboanga City.”

Police engaged Camp Commander Naser Asdali and lot owner Abdulajid Muhti in a dialogue on the camp’s presence in Zamboanga city, whose government continuously voices its opposition against the establishment of MNLF camps within its territory.

Other occupants of the camp were identified as Basa Abdulhamid, Rajikazula, Faisal Basa, Aljen Asdali, Dut-ir Najihil, Hasad Amil, Aljam Abdulajid and Jul-Asiri Amil. All are residents of Recodo.

During the dialogue, Asdali admitted that they failed to coordinate with authorities in establishing the camp in Zamboanga.

Asdali said that he was just following orders from a certain Abdullah Awalul of Siasi, Sulu to put up a camp in the city.

Lawmen and the MNLF agreed to dismantle the camp, a process that was completed at around 1pm last Sunday.  (Dan Toribio)