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Monday, 14 May 2018 17:08

By dan toribio

A total of seventy-five detainees and jail guards were held by police for possessing high-powered firearms during a surprise inspection at the Zamboanga del Sur provincial jail last Saturday.

Chief inspector Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-9 Information Officer,  said that sixty-nine (69) detainees and six (6) jail guards were held during a surprise inspection by police operatives under   “Oplan Galugad” and “Oplan Pagtugis.”

Galvez said that the detainees who were caught with a cache of firearms inside their detention cells were utilized as members of a private armed group.

The men were also utilized by a gun-for-hire group led by a certain Samuel Parantar Tormis also known as Commander Tormis.

They were charged for violation of Articles 223 and 157 of the Revised Penal Code and violation of Republic Act 10591 in relation to the Omnibus Election Code.

A police report said that the detainees were formerly utilized as utility workers inside the Governor’s Dao Quarters located in Pagadian city.

he men however were jailed after having been charged and/or convicted of various offenses such as murder, frustrated murder, attempted murder, homicide, rape, and violation of the 2002 Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

Six (6) jail guards were also held for reportedly being armed and not wearing the prescribed uniform.

Units which conducted the surprise inspection are the following:  Criminal Investigation and Detection Group-9, 5th Special Action Battalion (PNP-SAF) Regional Mobile Force Battalion 9, Regional Intelligence Unit 9, Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Police Office, Police Provincial Mobile Force Company,  and the Regional Special Operation Group of the Regional intelligence Division 9.

The detainees who were caught inside their detention cells with a cache of firearms were identified as Vicente Cayone, 51 years old of Poblacion V Sagun;  Antonio B. Lakanilao -45 year of Poblacion Lapunyan Convicted; Jolito Obedensa, 22 years old, Brgy TabuanTukuran; Tawasil Bongkawil Ismael, 52, of Villa Kapa, San Pablo, all facing homicide charges,   Renjie L.  Pinton, 31 years old of Secade Kumalarang; Eddie M.   Jacolde 32 years old of BrgyPanubigan; Pitogo; Wiliam D. Borja,32 years old of Upper Pulacan, Labangan; Angelo M. Flores 34 years old, Brgy Punta Pletsa Pitogo;  Rolly A. DelaCerna, 29 years old of Lapirian, Tukuran;  Rodante N. Flores, 43 years old of BrgyLumbog, Margosatubig; Recardo B. Agomes,  52 years old of BrgyLumbal V. Sagun; Warson O. Caballero, 33 years old of Brgy. Limbayan, Pitogo; Rodrigo B. Aswelo, 25 years old Brgy Tinigguangan, Dimataling; Leonardo S. Bala , 66 years old of Brgy Layasan, Pitogo; Leonilo D. Cabaraso , 35 years old of Boton, San Pablo; Rogelio C. Camilotis , 48, of Brgy Potosawa, Dumalinao; Samuel Tormis y Parantal, 57 years old of BrgyLimason, V-Sagun, all facing Rape charges; Roland Tubat , 23 years old of Tukuran; Jeralp Mangubat , 23 years old, PoblacionTabina; RemiloAlozo,  25 years old of San Miguel; Benjie  Wahid, 27 years old Margosatubig; JubanieBalko ,  23 years old; Angelito K. Guminit ,46 years old  Tukuran; SerlitoSuco, 40 years old Guipos; MaulidanOngrin, 31 years old of Margosatubig; Rey Lugas, 26 years old Bayog; Richard Lumayan, 31 years old San Pablo; JR Amili ,30 years old of Dimataling; RodelQuirante, 28 years old of San Pablo, all facing drug charges;  Randy Paya , 29 years old of Kumalarang (facing attempted murder case);Jeson Andena y Mucayaw,  25 years old of Pob. Bayog; Edwin Salitan y Manos – 40 years old of Pob. Bayog; Roy Carcosia y Maqui – 37 years old of Brgy Sagasan, San Pablo; Castor Dela Cruz y Bunganay, Pob. Malangas; Ernesto Mucoy y Lariosa, 46 years old, Nabuaran Labangan; Angelito Muhad y Bansalao, 40 years old of Bulawan Lapuyan; Victor Bacus y Lapinig, 34 years old of Benuay, Dimataling; Fabian Dahay y Urro,  24 years old of Metucong Dumalinao; Mario Baco y Saluta,  24 years old of Pob. Lakewood; Elizer Maravilla y Dagyagnao, 24 years old of Pob. Dimataling; Freddie Lingating y Lantiao , 34 years old of  Pob. Lapuyan; Samerul Tilos y Simpil, 51 years old of Pob. Lapuayn; Berlito Lusay y Macalimbal, 27 years old of Brgy Sayog Lapuyan; Valentine Medalla y Pepito, 54 of BrgyBaganian, Tabina;  Dadito Morato y Cabante, 53 years old of Pob. Tabina; Jaime Lusay y Macalimbal, 34 years old of Brgy Sayog Lapuyan; Roberto Dapo y Custino, 51 years old of Brgy Limbatong, Margosatubig; Anthony Maravilla y Dagyagnao, 30 years old of Brgy Libertad, Dimataling; Luis Romo y Balios, 67 years old of Brgy San Isidro, Pitogo, ZDS; Maximo Paradero y Quedibida, 31 years old of Kulasian, San Pablo, ZDS; Catalino Ang y Tan, 48 years old of Brgy Tulapok Margosatubig; JunieBuendia y Baco, 45 years old of Pob. Lakewood, ZDS; Ernesto Namo y Bacangoy, 48 years old of Brgy Tina Dumalinao, ZDS; Reynante Austria y Culimat – 34 years old of Brgy Sayaw Kumalarang, ZDS; VergilioGallego y Viña, 49 years old Brgy Baluno Dimataling, ZDS; Rex Bulalo y Tumalis, 28 years old Brgy Kahayagan Bayog, ZDS; Tertoliano Vergara y Obedeniata, 64 years old of Pob. Margosatubig, ZDS; Jerwin Palaran y Narvasa, 25 years old of Pob. Labangan, ZDS; Leonide Basiliote y Lumuntad, 28 years old Pob. Tigbao, ZD; Micheal Dag-Uman y Amolo, 23 years old of Pob. Lakewood, ZDS; Roger Benigay y Saladaga, 45 years old of Brgy Timulan, Tigbao, ZDS;  Richard Pasco y Dela Peña, 39 years old of BrgyTimulan, Tigbao, ZDS, all facing murder cases; Dante Tempad Bangui, 44 years old of Margosatubig, ZDS; Rico Cunol, 28 years old of Lakewood, ZDS; Susimo Brasero Duremon, 40 years old Kumalarang, ZDS; Joel Pantaleon Bael, 39 years old of Dipolog City, all facing frustrated Murder cases; Serbando Salon Signar, 50 years old of Lakewood, ZDS and Danilo Abapo Cuico, 26 years old of Tukuran, ZDS; facing illegal possession of firearms case.

The jail guards were identified as PG1 Gildo M. Marto, 38, of Margosatubig, Zamboanga Del Sur; PG1 Reynante F. Pinuela, 39, of Kumalarang, Zamboanga Del Sur; PG1 Gerold S. Laurito, 31, of Balangasan District Pagadian City; PG1 Alex Sambilad, Purok San Isidro, Tagolalo, Aurora; SG Erwin M. Pacencia, 44 years old of Cabilinan Aurora and PGI Lito D. Manzano, 49, of Alta Tierra Tiguma, Pagadian City.

Police confiscated the following firearms from the detainees:  one Ghalil Rifle with SN# 38100209; one AK- 47 rifle with SN# 01515; two M4 M16 rifles with SN# 2182209 (Bushmaster) and 739114 (DPMS); three .45 caliber pistols; Tavor Rifle with SN# 38857116; 9mm pistol with SN# T911151462 (Shooter); another 9mm pistol with SN# KP11120; .357 revolver Dan Wesson with SN# 351721; two .38 revolvers; two magazines Hi cup of .45 pistol; three magazines of a caliber .45 pistol; two magazines of a 9mm pistol; twenty long magazines of a 5.56 mm caliber; four short magazines of a 5.56mm caliber; four  magazines of an AK 47 rifle; seven magazines  of a Ghalil rifle; one Carbine rifle; one magazine of Carbine rifle;  ten live ammunitions of Carbine rifle; thirteen live ammunitions of a Cal. 45 caliber pistol; two hundred seventy 5.56mm live ammunitions; ten ammunitions for 9 mm pistol; one hundred thirty AK 47 ammunitions; six AK 47 Magazines long and four Ghalil magazines cal. 5.56mm.

Police Regional Office-9 statistics show that Zamboanga del Sur has been consistent in registering the highest number of shooting incidents among provinces and cities covered by the regional office.

The raid was conducted two days after the visit of PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde at the Police Regional Office-9 in Camp Romeo Abendan Mercedes.  (Dan Toribio)