ASG member killed while trying to escape Print
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 11:58

By richard falcatan

A suspected Abu Sayyaf member was killed after engaging authorities in a shootout at the Maluso wharf in Basilan province last Saturday.

The fatality was identified as Abu Salman, an alleged member of the Abu Sayyaf group.

Reports said that the military was alerted by a call from concerned citizens about the presence of the suspect who was about to board a jungkong type vessel at the Maluso wharf.

Troops under the 68th Infantry “Kaagapay” Battalion responded to the call, cordoned  off the area and conducted operations to apprehend the said personality.

Isolated, Salman drew his gun and fired at the pursuing troops, prompting the latter to fire back and neutralize the suspect.

Salman fell into the sea with his firearm after being hit in the head and right portion of his body.

The suspect’s cadaver was recovered but the firearm was reportedly lost.

Joint Task Force Basilan Commander Brig. Gen. Juvymax Uy said that the incident is a result of  focused and relentless pursuit operations of the troops of JTF Basilan/ 104th Brigade and the cooperation of the populace who gave the prompt information to the troops.

It is a clear manifestation that the people of Basilan don’t want the ASG in their communities anymore, their efforts and cooperation in the fight to end terrorism contributes to the attainment of our mission, Uy said.

Lastly, Uy commended the troops for their persistence and efforts in securing the people of Basilan from the harm of ASG terrorists, and once again stated that, “The Abu Sayyafs are not safe in Basilan. We are giving the option for them to reconsider peace through surrender while the door is still open.” (Richard Falcatan)