Climaco wants Gen. Alvarez’s heroism emulated Print
Saturday, 19 May 2018 16:07

Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday rallied the Zamboangueños (Christians, Muslims and Lumad) to emulate the heroism and dedication of Gen. Vicente Alvarez, Zamboanga’s revolutionary leader, especially now that some elements are trying to disrupt the city.

In her message at the commemorative program for “Dia de Gen. Vicente Alvarez” yesterday morning, Climaco recalled that Gen. Alvarez forced the surrender of the last Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines Diego de los Rios, effectively ending the Spanish occupation in the country.

General Alvarez laid siege against the Spanish stronghold of Fort Pilar in April 1899. The siege lasted a month, until May, in which the Spaniards were compelled to wave the white flag. On May 18, Fort Pilar, symbol of Spanish supremacy in Southern Philippines, was surrendered to the Revolutionary Government of Zamboanga.

“Today, we are again challenged by forces that want to disrupt the city,” the mayor said, particularly referring to reports that the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) was trying to claim certain areas in barangays Patalon, Pamucutan and Taguiti.

“We can never allow that to happen because they are not authorize to set up communities in Zamboanga per guidance of the OPAPP (Office of the Presidential Assistance on the Peace Process),” Climaco said.

She reminded the residents to maintain their vigilance in the city. “We just want to have one Zamboanga City under one Republic of the Philippines and one flag.”

She said the celebration of “Dia de Gen. Vicente Alvarez” was a call for Zamboangueños to remain united and vigilant in rooting bad forces out of Zamboanga just as Gen. Alvarez did to the Spanish colonizers.-(Vic Larato)