Check and balance in our government Print
Tuesday, 22 May 2018 12:08


BY Betty Elago

We are all aware we have the check and balance in our government, the reason why erring high officials are being taken out from their positions, especially those who are appointees of the former reigning political party. Even the Supreme Court, which is supposed to be an independent body, isn’t safe from the check and balance in Government! Just like the recent case of the Hon. Ma. Lourdes Sereño w ho was accused of usurping her position, over spending and not revealing honestly her SALN.

Now in the case of the Department of Tourism, the Dot Secretary had to resign, because it came out that 60 million pesos had been given to her brother to take care in promoting our Tourism Industry here and abroad.  However,  she denied it stating that she had no knowledge about it. Her brother offered to pay it back, but we don’t know if he did. I think, for delicadeza’s sake, she was forced to resign. Now, the question here is……. What happens to her appointees? Will the present newly appointed Secretary of DOT keep them?

I think even Presidents aren’t exempted from being checked on how he is running our Government.  We know there are critics in the opposition who will watch over every move they do. Remember the Edsa Revolutions that ousted two Presidents, former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, and former Pres. Joseph Estrada! This includes former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who was also impeached due to the ‘Hello Garci Tape’, and other case of using gov’t. funds during election. This just shows no one is above the law! In other words, there are no exemptions, so if you are in government, whether you are holding a high or low position, integrity is very important!

When I was invited to guest at Bong Bue’s radio program at DXAS, he asked me to grade in a scale of 1 to 10, President Rodrigo Duterte. I gave him no. 9, and Bong ask me why? Simple, I said because he is the only President who is going after the Drug Syndicates! He has strong conviction and backbones who do things what he thinks is best. And because of this, he has earned the respect of his constituents. However, coming back from China, he mentioned that the Chinese President said that he won’t allow Pres. Duterte to be unseated as President here in our Country! Oh, this made me wonder because we haven’t heard of any rumours to unseat our President. And if ever it happens, I think he will be protected by his loyal constituents, not by China! Our government should never allow other Countries to interfere with our internal affairs! Yes we are grateful to China for extending help to us, but we should draw a line where they can come in.