Council to review edict hiking fees at Enriquez Sports Complex PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 17:19

Because of several complaints, the City Council, through District 1 Councilor Melchor Rey Sadain’s resolution, will revisit a newly approved ordinance relative to the exorbitant rate that is being charged by the city government from users of the Enriquez Sports Complex.        During its advanced regular session yesterday, councilors from the minority bloc brought out the complaints they received from sport enthusiasts who frequently go to the sports complex of the excessive charges imposed by city government as stipulated in the ordinance.

Sadain said the number of people who used to go to the sports complex is no longer the same after the implementation of the ordinance.

“I hope we can have a second look at the ordinance. In view of the numerous, not only from the athletes but even from people regularly going and using the grandstand facilities,” Sadain said as he urged his colleagues to review the ordinance for possible amendments by lowering the rates.

As much as possible, Sadain said, the government should make its services very accessible to its people in affordable rates.

The same observation was made by Councilors Rommel Agan and Cesar “Jawo” Jimenez.

In fact, Sadain’s resolution was a subsidiary one and it was only approved after Jimenez’s proposed resolution was rejected seeking moratorium on the implementation of the ordinance.

Agan said that because of the new rate imposed under the ordinance, the scheduled football tournament sponsored by ZAFA, a private football association in the city led by the City Assessor Erwin Bernardo, has changed it venue from the sports complex to the Sta. Maria Central School open field.

Agan, who is responsible in organizing the football tourney, further said the change of venue was the negative effect brought about by the ordinance which he voted against when it was presented for final reading.

For his part, Jimenez expressed discontentment on the new rates that even sports program initiated by schools and civic organizations have to pay certain amount.
For example, schools-initiated tournaments must have to pay P4,000 a day if they wish to used the sports complex facilities except for the swimming pool which has different charges.

Meetings, assemblies and examinations are no longer allowed to be held in the grandstand unless a payment of P250per hour (day-time use) and P500 per hour (night-time use) should be paid to the city government.

During Division Athletic Meet, elementary/secondary and college students must have to pay P5 entrance fee each and P10 per head for spectators.
As stipulated in the ordinance, grandstand users (not necessarily athletes) must pay P10 per person as admission fee and other charges must be collected if he/she wishes to use complex facilities like the fitness gym (P30).

However, the ordinance provides exemption from the fees  for athletes representing the city, who are in actual training and preparing for local, regional, national and international competition.

City and national sponsored activities shall likewise be exempted from the payment of fees, the ordinance provides. — Jimmy Villaflores