Rep. Lobregat explains abstention on BBL vote PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 June 2018 14:08

By Dexter Yap

"The people who are bashing me on my abstention vote in the HB 6475 (substitute BBL) are ignorant of the provisions of the BBL that was passed."

This was the reaction of Zamboanga City District 1 Representative Celso Lobregat after several negative comments came out in social media following his decision to abstain from voting on the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in the House of Representatives.

Lobregat explained that the amended version of HB 6475 which was approved by Congress already addresses most of the issues and concerns he raised in his quest to protect Zamboanga City and the rest of Mindanao.

Lobregat bared that in the approved BBL:

1. There in no more “CREEPING EXPANSION” - In the original HB6475, six 6 plebiscites should be held, the 1st upon ratification of the BBL, and every five (5) years thereafter for a period of 25 years. In the Substitute HB6475, only one plebiscite will be held, and this is only upon ratification of the law.

2. In the original HB6475, all properties of ARMM were to be AUTOMATICALLY transferred to the Bangsamoro upon ratification of the BBL. In the substitute HB6475, all properties of the ARMM will be transferred to the Bangsamoro, EXCEPT those that are located outside the area of the ARMM. (e.g. CABATANGAN will not be transferred to Bangsamoro).

3. In the original HB6475, a barangay that petitions to join Bangsamoro through the 10% provision and obtains a majority vote in the barangay will be allowed to part of the Bangsamoro. In the substitute HB6475, a barangay cannot join the Bangsamoro without the expressed approval of the ENTIRE city.

Lobregat said that many other issues have already been addressed but issues like the SPDA properties and Areas of Joint-Cooperation will still have to be settled in the Bi-Cameral Conference Committee (BI-CAM).

"Had I not abstained, I would not be a member of the BI-CAM. I am now appointed as a member of the Bi-Cam and I can guard and protect the provisions already amended and I can continue to push and propose amendments on provisions such as the SPDA properties and Areas of Joint-Cooperation," Lobregat explained.

"So please, do not embarrass yourselves by pretending to know what you do not know. No mas man pa sabiondo," Lobregat said to his bashers which include city officials and councilors allied with Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco - Salazar.

The solon said that he will address the entire City of Zamboanga very very soon to explain the provisions of the BBL that was passed by the House of Representatives. (Dexter Yap/PR)