Motorcycles stolen inside mall, pension house parking lots Print
Saturday, 02 June 2018 13:42



Two motorcycles which were left parked in public areas in the city where stolen by thieves last Thursday.

Thieves struck at a commercial mall’s parking area and took off with a motorcycle driven by a telecommunications agent.

A Police Regional Office-9 report said that the victim parked the motorcycle inside the mall parking lot but accidentally left the ignition key and the mall parking ticket inside the u-box.

The victim contacted police after discovering that the motorcycle was missing.

The motorcycle was registered under the name of a certain Nida Chiong.  It was, however, 23-year-old Cydelle Justine Dunken Molina who reported the incident to Zamboanga City Police Station 7.

Hours before, two thieves were caught on a CCTV camera tinkering with another motorcycle parked near a pension house along Pasonanca.

The suspects left after noticing the presence of the Front Desk Officer.

An hour later, one of the suspects returned, took the vehicle and fled towards an unknown direction.

Police are conducting an investigation for the possible identification and arrest of the suspects.

The incident was reported by 26-year -old Junsibar Lali Sammain, a resident of Upper Calarian.

Police are investigating both incidents.  (Remus Ong)