Only 11 out of 66 ports have permits Print
Tuesday, 05 June 2018 11:49


Only eleven (11) out of a reported sixty-six (66) ports which are privately-owned have permits, based on a statement released by City Hall.

This as Task Force Pantalan convened anew last week to tackle measures to prevent the proliferation of illegal ports.

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has monitored 66 private ports and 11 government ports in the city, based on its latest count.

The City Agriculturist records, however, show that only eleven (11) establishments have obtained permits.

These are big industrial companies established in the Baliwasan Recodo and Ayala areas including the following: Universal, Permex, Jordan, PMI, NZUE, RJA, AMR, Universal-Cawit, Bigfish, Nancy and YL.

In January 2017, the PPA has reported that the number of private ports has reached 78.

In a statement, PPA Manager Liberto dela Rosa said that they are investigating reports that the number of private ports has reached 100 in the city.

There is no information available, however, on why the number of private ports decreased since last year.  (Ely Dumaboc)