Man killed in bloody fiesta rage PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 June 2018 13:59

A man who just tried to pacify two warring parties got himself killed during the fiesta in Barangay Guisao last Tuesday.

The fatality was identified as Rhey-An Perez y Joven, married and a resident of Culianan.

Initial investigation showed that the incident began during a drinking session of three men to celebrate the fiesta.

They were identified as Reymark Santos y Opendoreyes, 20, single; Jessie Rebollos y Cannoy, 19; and Argie Rebollos y Santos, 21.

Hours later, Argie and Reymark figured in a misunderstanding which led to a fistfight.

Perez tried to pacify the two but instead incurred their ire.  The two friends turned their rage on Perez and aided each other in hitting the victim.

Perez plunged to the ground with contusions in different parts of the body.

He was taken to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

According to Dr. Alyssa Montejo, Perez died of Hypovolemic shock secondary to Intrathoracic bleeding due to mauling.

Jessie was arrested after the incident and was taken to the Culianan Police Station pending the filing of charges in court.  (Dan Toribio)