No junk food in Lamitan schools Print
Friday, 08 June 2018 16:12


Carbonated drinks, flavored artificial drinks and intoxicating liquor have been banned within the vicinity of Lamitan schools under a new ordinance being implemented in Lamitan City.

Lamitan Mayor Rose Furigay said that City Ordinance 2017-09 is a law which prohibits the sale and distribution of junk food and carbonated drinks in day care centers, nursery schools, and elementary and secondary school canteens, stores and restaurants within the schools’ vicinity.

Junk food are  not allowed to be sold within 100 meters of the schools, based on the ordinance.

A technical working group was formed to provide information on the ordinance.

Furigay said that they are expecting the implementation of the ordinance within a period of three months.

Furigay is calling on all Lamitan residents to fully support and cooperate towards the ordinance’s full implementation for the good of the school children.

Penalties are also included in the ordinance ranging from P1,000 to P3,000.

Furigay said that the ordinance is in support of a Department of Education order which prohibits the sale of junk food and artificial and intoxicating drinks near the schools.

The Department of Education has provided a system of classification of food to be sold inside school canteens.  (Allen Abastillas)