Fabian running for Congress Print
Friday, 15 June 2018 14:25

By Bob Jaldon

Former Congressman Erico “Erbie” Fabian yesterday declared his candidacy for Congress in the second congressional district,  thus clearing speculations about his political future that was stalled after his defeat in the 2013 mayoralty race.

“I am announcing my candidacy for the second congressional district as an independent,” Fabian said.

Fabian made his declaration after playing a round of golf with friends at the Zamboanga Golf and Country Club.

The former congressman emerged from the clubhouse and announced his candidacy as an independent, to the surprise and delight of friends, some of who have been pushing him to throw his hat once again in the political arena.

Fabian was the former city chairman of the Nacionalista party (NP) before he was unseated after his defeat by then Congresswoman Lilia Nuño.  Nuño was also defeated in the 2016 election by incumbent congressman Mannix Dalipe.

Fabian said that he has not received offers from any political party to join them.

Recall that Fabian was a member of the political triumvirate consisting of former Mayor Celso Lobregat and then Congresswoman Maria Isabelle Climaco.

Months before the 2013 local elections, Fabian parted ways with the Lobregats when the latter chose Mrs. Climaco- Salazar over him to be the standard bearer of the LDP-LP ticket on the assumption that businessman Romeo Jalosjos was running for mayor.

Jalosjos however never got to run against Climaco because of a Supreme Court decision ruling him as perpetually disqualified to run for public office.  (BJ)