Sinunuc Police Station recaptures its detainee Print
Sunday, 17 June 2018 17:59

Operatives of the Sinunuc Police Station on Friday recaptured a detainee who earlier escaped from their custody by jumping off a police car while on their way back to the police station after attending a court hearing last Thursday afternoon.

A police report showed that Saydi Aming Taup, was located by the police in Purok 3 in Sinunuc around 1:15 p.m. Friday during a continuous and massive hot pursuit operation.

Taup was taken back to the police station and was returned to the detention cell as he was facing a criminal case for illegal drugs in court.

Police said that an informant gave valuable information to the police as to the whereabouts of Taup. Immediately, policemen led by Chief Insp. Ramon Bautista swooped down in Purok 3 and recaptured Taup.

Recalled, policemen were escorting two detainees, one of them was Taup, and were returning to Sinunuc Police Station last Thursday afternoon after a court hearing when the suspect jumped off from the running police vehicle.-– Dan Toribio