Council supports proposal to arm barangay officials Print
Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:57

By RG antonet go

The City Council yesterday passed a resolution supporting the proposal of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to authorize the carrying of firearms of barangay officials within their barangay.

District II Councilor Juan Climaco “Kim” Elago yesterday proposed a resolution supporting the intention of the DILG to authorize village officials in carrying of firearms within their respective community.

According to Elago, the firearms of the city’s 98 barangays are currently deposited with the police and military.

These firearms, which were legally procured with barangay funds,  are needed by the barangay officials especially the barangay captains, barangay kagawads, and tanods in the performance of their duty as peace officers in the community.

"Na barangay especially far-flung areas, they are the frontline responders to crimes and other security threats so  pakilaya man sila man react si nohay sila fusil," Elago stressed

On the licensing of the firearms, he said that since the guns are owned by the government, the papers for licensing must be free and also the authority to bear arms must be given to barangay officials.  (R.G. A A. Go)