Council inquiry on IBT scheduled today Print
Tuesday, 26 June 2018 17:38

By jemuel Mojica

Local officials led by City Administrator Apple Go, City Legal Officer Atty. Jesus Carbon and City Treasurer Romelita Candido are expected to be grilled today by members of the City Council during the conduct of an inquiry regarding the current status of the City’s Integrated Bus Terminal, which was recently found out by the august body to be operating even without official or proper turn- over by its private contractor.

According to District II Councilor BG Guingona, the three officials will have to answer to the members of the august body about the pressing and legal issues currently affecting the IBT such as its continuous operation even with the absence of an official and proper turn- over from its private contractor to the city government of Zamboanga, its revenue collection, employment of local employees and laborers.

Guingona, who was author of the Council resolution calling for the said inquiry today, stressed that the councilors want to know the exact status of the IBT, and also the legal basis for its continuous operation.

Earlier, Guingona lamented the fact that the city government may face legal problems in the future based on the opinion of some legal luminaries that the IBT operation from the very start is deemed illegal since technically the entire complex still remains to be the responsibility of its private contractor.

“Hopefully, we can get clear answers from these invited city officials. We want to know if they have legal basis for the continuous operation of the IBT because as city officials we don’t want to face legal problems in the future,” Guingona emphasized.

The councilor pointed out that for his part he only wants to know if the IBT operation is legal and within the bounds of law so that the local legislative body could make  recommendation for  improvement and rehabilitation works in the said government complex.

“For instance, I was informed that one of the septic tanks in the IBT is not functional. Hence, we should know if we can recommend appropriations for its repair, and so with other improvement works for other amenities in the terminal,” Guingona told reporters in an interview.

Guingona, however, assured that with the inquiry today they hope that every legal issue can be cleared so that the councilors can be guided with their future suggestions and recommendations for the IBT.

“We are doing this dialogue in good faith. No politics involved here,” stressed Guingona. (Jemuel E. Mojica)