CHO won't recommend yet lifting of dengue outbreak declaration PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 14:09

Though cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever have noticeably decreased in the last two months, the city health office (CHO) is still hesitant to recommend to Mayor Celso Lobregat to possibly lift the declaration of a dengue outbreak in the city as sporadic cases are still being monitored in some hospitals.

City Health Officer Rodel Agbulos yesterday said his office is still on close watch of possible and sudden increase in dengue cases since the entire city is continuously experiencing sporadic rains.

Stagnant water is one of the favorite breeding places of mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus, Agbulos said.

Based on its latest monitoring, 56 cases have been registered in the first two weeks of this month (October).

However, such figure is still very low compared to the number of dengue cases of the same month five years ago (156 cases) when the first outbreak was declared.

After dengue cases went up to a very alarming level in August this year with 468 cases, the mayor issued an executive order declaring an outbreak of the disease in this city.

A subsequent executive order directed for the conduct of a citywide clean-up day aimed to educate people on the importance of a clean surrounding.

"Cleanliness is the responsibility of each and every Zamboangueño. We should not wait for another precious live to lose just because of an illness that could easily be prevented if everyone will just cooperate. We have to maintain our surroundings clean," Agbulos  stressed.

CHO record showed that from January to August this year, dengue claimed the lives of 23 and more than 1,000 patients landed in the different hospitals.

Surprisingly, the government’s efforts through the conduct of a simultaneously clean-up drive and the continuous conduct of the same in the barangay level seembe very effective because the number of dengue cases went down significantly in September this year.

Of the 56 registered cases last month (October), Barangay Tetuan was on top of the list with seven followed by Barangays Sta. Maria (5), Talon-Talon (4), Rio Hondo, San Roque, Sta. Catalina and Tumaga with 3 cases each, while Campo Islam, Canelar, Labuan, Mampang, Putik and Zone-II with two cases each.

By Jimmy Villafloresa