Liquor drives two men to jail PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 16:42


Two men who allegedly insulted police in Pasobolong last Monday now face multiple charges for several violations committed while they were in an intoxicated state.

The two suspects, Frank Ortega and Joaquin Espiritu, have been detained at the Culianan Police Station for Alarm and Scandal and Disobeying Persons in Authority.

At around 1:34 a.m. the two men, who were reportedly armed with a knife,  appeared at the residence of 54-year-old Elisa de Leon looking for a certain Jestoni Gregorio.

When they failed to find their target, the two men proceeded to slaughter a rooster owned by De Leon.

Acting on the report, police conducted a follow-up operation to arrest the two suspects.

Espiritu, however, disobeyed the police and uttered the following remarks in his native language: “ You policemen are imbeciles and idiots.  You are brave because you are policemen.  I will look for you once I get out.”

That same afternoon, the suspects were brought to the City Prosecutor’s Office for an inquest proceeding.  (Dan Toribio)