NGCP explains power fluctuations PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 29 June 2018 14:15

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines has explained the reason behind the power fluctuations the city has experienced these recent weeks.

In a letter sent to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) NGCP said that the fluctuations are generally caused by an imbalance between the demand for electricity in the region and insufficient supply which cause an “undervoltage situation” in the area.

“Please be informed that due to the radial configuration and fragile condition in the Northwestern MIndanao Area with prevailing low system voltage and considering that most of the customer feeders are radially connected with long lines, voltage fluctuations exist whenever there is an fault in the transmission and sub-transmission system..,”  the letter stated.

The NGCP has also outlined its plans and programs to address the low voltage problem and minimize fluctuations.

This includes the installation of an MVAR capacitor bank at the Pitogo substation, estimated to be completed in June.

In a text message, NGCP Information Officer Beth Ladaga advised the public of upgrading activities on Saturday.

This is due to the energization of the newly-installed capacitor banks at the Pitogo substation which would require the shutdown of the Pitogo-Tulungatung 69KV line and the Pitogo- San Jose Gusu 69KV line.

Meanwhile, the NGCP will also address the issue on vegetation which caused several tripping of its lines and equipment.  (L. Jocson)