(A love story turns tragic:) Barangay Captain survives burning by 22-year-old lover PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 June 2018 16:29

By Ely Dumaboc

A Zamboanga village chief survived his 22-year-old lover’s attempt to burn him to death along the highway of Sinunuc last Thursday night.

Police identified the victim as Hakim Ajal Hamonnoh, 73-years old, a widower and Barangay Captain of Busay in Sacol Island.

The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Darna Ismael,  single and Hamonnoh’s alleged lover.

Ismael allegedly connived with a certain Rey Joy Talab, 33-years old, a tricycle driver, in trying to kill Hamonnoh.

Reports disclosed that the incident occurred during Hammonoh and Ismael’s trip to mainland Zamboanga after arriving from Sacol Island last Thursday night.

The couple was reportedly riding on a tricycle driven by Talab when the woman ordered the driver to stop and alighted from the vehicle.

The woman, who was accompanied by Hammonoh, then went to a secluded area where the former reportedly poured gasoline on her lover and tried to burn him to death.

The barangay captain was brought by concerned citizens to a local hospital for treatment of serious burn injuries.

Sources who refused to be identified said that the Barangay Captain entered into a relationship with his 22-year-old girlfriend after he was widowed several years back.

The woman, however, claimed that she grew tired of her lover and wanted to separate from him.

Last Thursday, the couple travelled to the mainland reportedly on one of their trysts.

The couple was going back to the town proper from Barangay Sinunuc when the incident occurred.

The tricycle driver, meanwhile, denied reports that he was an accomplice in the murder try.

He said that he refused to accept a P10,000 offer by the woman to kill the barangay captain and was surprised when the woman committed the dastardly act by herself.

Reports, however, said that the tricycle driver obeyed an order by the woman to buy gasoline prior to the incident.

Family members said that the barangay captain brought with him the amount of P100,000 during his trip to mainland of Zamboanga.

Both Ismael and Talab are facing frustrated murder charges and are now detained.  (Ely Dumaboc)