1 killed, 7 injured in road mishap PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 July 2018 14:58

By Dan Toribio


A 25-year-old man died while seven others were injured when a pick-up type truck went wayward before midnight last Sunday and hit the victims in two Zamboanga barangays.

Abdel Aziz Alfad y Geronimo was driving his vehicle along Falcatanstreet in Tetuan when it hit Mary Jamarulin y Abellon, 33, single, of Lunzuran.

Instead of bringing the victim to the hospital, Alfad continued on driving until he reached Barangay Tugbungan.

While travelling along Tugbungan road, the driver lost control of the steering wheel, thus ramming a group of people who were standing on the other side of the road.

One of the by-standers, Bernie Astillero y Muntilla, 25, of Tumaga, died due to fatal injuries in the body.

Seven others, including the female victim in Tetuan, were taken to the hospital.

They were identified as Mary Jamarulin y Abellon, 33, single, of Lunzuran; JackelynMasuki y Bautista, 31, married of Tugbungan; JemalynSacmar y Alconaba, 22, of Tugbungan; JhonelSalboro y Gutierez, 14 of Tugbungan; Mark Anthony Guarino, 22, of Tugbungan; ShaimaPasifico and Al NashramDuha, of Tugbungan.

Alfad was arrested and was placed under police custody.  (Dan Toribio)